2018 Turn Your Phone Calls Into Profits

Did you know that 20-30% of potential new patients are lost on the first phone call to your practice? That adds up….fast and hurts your bottom line!  

Let’s say your average procedure value is only $3,000 and you lose just 2 of  these cosmetic patients per week multiplied by 52 weeks per year…. 

$3,000 x 2 per week lost x 52 weeks means….   

You are losing $312,000 per year because your receptionist didn’t have the right strategies so the callers hung up only to call your competitors instead.   

Give your receptionist the words and scripts they need to represent YOU professionally and Convert Callers to Appointments – Guaranteed!  

I will personally train your phone staff on…..

  • Why a caller hangs up without booking and what you can  

do to prevent that from happening

  • How to answer questions without talking too much and  

“un-selling” them on the appointment 

  • How to present YOU as the BEST choice for the caller who  

has many options

  • What NOT to say to cause the caller to hang up and call  

your competitor 

  • How to answer the question, “How much is it?” so the caller  

can move forward to booking the appointment and so much more…..

Give me your staff and I’ll give you back professionally-trained phone staff who can book appointments. 

See you there -

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